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About - The Barefoot Acres

About Us

Howdy! We’re Sal & Cassandra; a husband and wife homesteading, homeschool, home-making duo! We have six wonderful children: Anthony, Ephram, Avalea, Chaiya, Elijah, and Samuel. We started The Barefoot Acres in 2016 when we left the big city to start a new life out in the woods of East Texas. We live on a 12-acre property we christened The Barefoot Acres; namely because at any given time, you’ll see us running around barefoot!

Thanks for stopping by our neck of the woods. We love connecting with follow homesteaders, so please consider connecting with us on our social pages! See y’all around the homestead.

Meet Sal

Sal is Digital Marketing & Web Design Consultant, Volunteer Firefighter, father of six, husband to one, and a US Army Veteran.

Upon moving from “the big city”, Sal started his own web agency business; Ariel Digital, and began working-from-home full-time. Since then, he’s run a successful web design & marketing business along with his latest venture with Howdy Care – a health care supplement service for rural communities.

Around the homestead, you can find Sal working on either building the businesses or building something for Cassandra. While not classically trained in carpentry and building, he’s made big strides in learning the fundamentals of building & fixing things around the property.

Meet Cassandra

Cassandra is a homemaker, wife, mother, artist, hobby photographer, and teacher to 6 kids and in love with the simple life. Sitting outside under the amazing night sky, watching the fireflies, and listening to the crickets and frogs…the best of life.

The desire to live a more agricultural life had been in the back of her mind for years. Finally it happened. Over those years she’s researched and desired to go back to the ways of our ancestors in how we live. Getting out of the fast paced, material and convenience driven ways of life, and moving towards a more minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle. Raising our own meats, growing our own foods, and preserving the old ways. She is constantly learning something new and trying it out.

You will usually will find her with a bunch of kids around, stuck in a book, researching or trying something new, digging in the garden, admiring her peacocks, or hanging out with her goats…because… goats are the best.¬†

Let’s work together

Want to work with Sal on a web project or would you like to advertise with us? Sal loves collaborating with small businesses and bloggers to bring their visions to life. You can reach out today by filling out the form below or send us a quick note at hello@thebarefootacres.com.

Looking for affordable health care alternatives? Check out Howdy Care today and start your first month for only $1!

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Hey Donkey – What’s Going On?

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Goals for our homestead

Goals for our homestead

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Fecal Float Tests

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