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Beginning our Homestead Journey - The Barefoot Acres

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We’ve officially moved in to the middle of the Piney Woods in Deep East Texas! It’s been a long 4 weeks of house renovations, but it’s been well worth it! It’s time to start plotting out where our fall garden will go, and to start getting the soil ready. The wood chipper has been purchased (got a great deal on the local Buy/Sell/Trade page!) so we’ll have fresh wood chips for our garden! Mr. B has been doing a bit of brush and small tree clearing all around the house itself and has acquired quite the pile to chip. If you haven’t already, check out the Back To Eden. We used this method a few times with great results with our tiny suburban garden. Now we’ll be trying it on a much larger scale!


While it’s been hot, it’s been great fun for the 6 Mini-Bs exploring and chasing lizards all over the property. They love being out here and having more freedom to be out in creation.


We hope you follow along and see our progress. Now that most of our major renovations are out of the way, we’ll be getting a little more regular with our blog postings!

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