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Kessel Run Minis - The Barefoot Acres

Welcome to our herd page! We are currently working on building our herd of Mini-Nubians. The goal with our herd is to produce exceptional miniature sized Nubians that have a great feed to milk conversion and the beautiful features of the Nubians. We are focusing heavily on udder and teat/orifice development and replicating the Nubian conformation in a miniature size.

Nubians are one of the most common dairy breeds of goats known. They are rather large (135-175lbs and 30-35″ tall, and sometimes bigger!) and for some new goat owners, they are intimidating and a bit more to handle with their size. But who can resist those big long ears and sweet roman noses? However, mini-Nubians will mature at a height of about 23-26″ and just under 100lbs. Perfect size and easy to handle as well as lower feed costs. Yet you still receive excellent milking rates.

Mini-Nubians are a rather new breed to the scene. People have been looking for smaller, easier to handle goats for the everyday person. Our mini-Nubians are a combination of Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubians. They get their size from the Nigerian Dwarf and their looks from the Nubian. Nigerians also have a high butterfat, that along with Nubian’s production gives an abundance of sweet and creamy milk!

Our herd is mostly raised on pasture, grass hay, and alfalfa hay. We do give a small amount of hand mixed grain to our pregnant and milking does. We raise them as naturally and holistically as possible.

To see available goats for sale or to read up on our herd and up-to-date news, check out our new site dedicated to Kessel Run Minis!

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